6 Manly Subscription Boxes That Will Make Every Month Better

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(Photo: Culture Carton)

A good subscription service puts you on the fast track to having great taste.

When you get to sample a wide array of new goods each month (delivered right to your doorstep), you’ll no doubt learn which products are best suited for your lifestyle… and you’ll become a hell of a lot more discerning in the process.

Say goodbye to feeling bewildered every time you pop into a store or browse some influencer’s impeccably curated Instagram page.

Below, here are the six monthly subscription boxes every man should know.

1. Robb Vices — $89.95/month

Enjoy the finer things in life… at a steal. Launched out of luxury-centric Robb Report magazine, this monthly subscription service offers new fine wines, spirits, foods, toys, tools, tech and accessories. Use the code “MAXIM” to get a bonus Glenmorangie bottle with a minimum three-month signup.

2. Southern Cigar Co. — $39.95/month

Sample from the best cigars in the world, four each month. Each box includes detailed informational cards so you know it’s not just blowing smoke. Use the code “MAXIM” to get 10% off.

3. Shaker & Spoon — $50/month

Elevate your mixology skills with this boozy box for cocktail geeks. This subscription service delivers three new drink recipes each month, with all the required syrups, bitters, mixers and garnishes included. Use the code “MAXIM” to get 10% off.

4. Culture Carton​ — $16/month

The most eclectic offering of the bunch, each monthly box includes a new book as well as must-have goods and accessories. You’ll get to sample an assortment of lifestyle needs, from grooming products to imported coffees. Use the code “MAXIM” to get 10% off first purchase of one or three month subscription to Standard, Essential and Book Club.

5. The Nomadik — $31.49/month

For the outdoorsmen, this subscription will supply you with all your needs for camping, fishing or just being one with nature. Survival gear is always good to have handy. Use the code “MAXIM” to get $10 off and free shipping on the six or 12 box plan.

6. Wrist Society — $29/month

Every month, you’ll be sent a brand new timepiece that you’ll get to keep. Seriously. Wrist Society promises “classy and stylish” selections every four weeks. At less than $30 a pop, sounds like a deal you can’t afford NOT to clock. Use the code “MAXIM” to get 10% off.