Play Retro Games On This Wireless Controller Inspired By Old-School Apple Computers

The 8Bitdo AP40 works with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android and classic game consoles.

The AP40 wireless controller goes retro Apple-style (Photo: 8Bitdo Tech)

Being an Apple fanboy can be expensive at times—whether it’s buying one of their super stylish, overly hyped phones for over $800 or picking up a piece of vintage memorabilia for $815,000—but not here.

The 8Bitdo AP40 wireless gaming controller pays homage to Apple’s 40th anniversary with the rainbow stylings of the fruit company‘s original logo. But better yet, it offers you a ticket to wireless gaming on your Mac or PC, iOS or Android mobile device, or (with the proper adapter) an NES or SNES system.

It even has its own little Apple IIc stand (Photo: 8Bitdo Tech)
It even has its own little Apple IIc stand (Photo: 8Bitdo Tech)
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One last finishing touch: this slick gaming controller—which spec-wise shares a bunch in common with its NES30 Pro brother—comes with its own stand that resembles an old school Apple keyboard. When using the controller, it becomes a way to prop up your phone and tablet on-the-go.

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Already over halfway to its Kickstarter goal, you can pick up one of these fancy fanboy gamepads for $49. For $85, you can bundle it with an adapter that lets you game with that Apple IIc you have lying around. Or for $69, they’re offering a specially packaged, limited edition controller and stand.