The Absolutely Best Knife Created By An Adidas Designer

The new folding knife is a sharp, elegant every day carry.

Whether you need it to remove the still-beating heart of some cloven-footed beast you just smote, shave down kindling, or simply slice through the tape of a FedEx box, a sharp, sturdy folding knife should always be within arm’s reach. Our latest obsession? The Burnside Cabrillo. Created by a former Adidas Originals designer, the knife weighs seven ounces and features a four-inch straight-blade made from Japanese steel. It’s well weighted and stable, with a fiberglass handle that provides plenty of grip when its time to carve, cut, or slice. And so long as you don’t commit the treasonous act of what Burnside calls “tool abuse,” the Cabrillo is protected under a lifetime guarantee. [$130;]