This Action Cam Automatically Edits Your Videos

With a suped-up social media suite, can TomTom’s new action cam oust GoPro as king of the cameras?

While GoPro may be the most recognizable name in action cams today, dozens of brands are chomping at the bit to take a bite out of the video market. One such contender is the Bandit, the newest offering from TomTom. You might know them more for their line of GPS devices, but they’re throwing their hat in the ring of sports cameras with an impressive offering.

The Bandit records up to three hours of footage at 1080p60, and has a built-in USB drive, so you can get tangle-free charging without all the cords. It’s splash-proof and even adapts to GoPro mounts, but perhaps its biggest claim to fame is the social media optimization. TomTom has developed an accompanying app designed to make editing and sharing your videos lighting-fast. Opening the app and simply shaking it instantly turns your footage into a video, where you can easily re-order and amp up footage with just a touch. Basically, you’re cutting out the middleman of downloading the footage to your phone. It’ll even identify key action elements and remove the dead time, so your vids look even more intense than they already are. It’s priced at $399 and hits stores later this month. Your move, GoPro.

Photos by TomTom