This Insane Airline Designed a Plane Where People Sit on Top of Each Other

This is what Hell’s waiting room looks like.

Between shrinking seat sizes and out and out brawls over airplane reclining etiquette, it seems like airlines’ primary function these days is to serve as mid-air torture chambers. It’s therefore only natural that some diabolical suit would dream up a solution that literally stacks human beings like some horrible game of aircraft Jenga gone awry.

According to Telegraph Media, Airbus just filed a new design with the European Patent Office that depicts a mezzanine level of seats stacked above the already crammed ones on the floor. 

So far, it’s just a concept, but we already foresee a litany of potential drawbacks. If you’re on the bottom, you’ll get to enjoy the pungent aroma of feet near your face for hours on end. On top? Well, hope you like people’s head in your crotch. Oh you do? Well, might we suggest hitting up this woman?

Photos by Airbus, European Patent Office