The Combar Pro Is the Hammer, Axe, Spade, Saw and Knife Combo You Never Knew You Needed

Designed by Israeli special forces veterans ,this monstrous multi-tool aims to be "your de-facto essential for every adventure."
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While established outdoor gear brands like Leatherman and Swiss Army Knife proprietor Victorinox load up their multi-tools with as many mini-gadgets as possible, the Combar Pro by Aclim8 offers just five essential implements needed to survive in the wild. 

Designed by Yaniv Bar and Udi Cohen, two former Israeli Defense Forces special forces veterans, and made to military-spec standards, the 3.5-pound beast of a multitool contains a 2.25-inch axe, a 7-inch spade/pick, a 1.2-inch hammer pad, a 4.5-inch drop point knife, and a 9.5-inch saw. A set of unique locking mechanisms keep everything in place and all sharp edges tucked away. 

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The tools themselves are crafted from a combination of titanium, stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum, and the handles and knife sheath are made from glass reinforced nylon. All components were put through hundreds of hours of field testing to ensure each lives up to a 25-year warranty.

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The Combar Pro is the latest evolution Aclim8's original Combar Basic, which features only a hammer, axe, spade and a magazine in the handle.  

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"The Combar was designed for optimal combination of the five essentials tools you need when you go out into nature," Aclim8 says of the product. 

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"The Combar is a lightweight-durable system that is beautifully designed and highly engineered for rapid activation and safe use. We believe the Combar will become your de-facto essential for every adventure."

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If you want to test that bold claim, the Combar Pro retails for $600 and the Combar Basic for $425.