Alpine Headphones Bring the Concert Experience to Everywhere

Want to feel the downbeat? You’ll need headphones that simulate the concert experience.

If you listen to a lot of club or dance music at home it’s hard to recreate the same “oontz, oontz” in-house experience from a pair of headphones. Alpine Headphones, the first personal-audio offering from the car-stereo maker, helps you feel the music, just as you would at a concert or rave. It’s actually a fairly simple trick: Instead of isolating all the sound in the earcups, Alpine stretched the bass transducers into the headband to recreate the reverberating bass of a live event right on your melon. (A pair of 40-milimeter drivers in the ‘cups handle the rest of the spectrum.) They pulled this trick off well enough that the bass doesn’t rattle your brain. Instead it creates a subwoofer-like sensation that marries well with the highs and mids. The accompanying Alpine Level Play app sorts your music by intensity level, so you a dance track won’t start rattling your brain in the middle of a chill session. [$299,]