Usher in a New Age of Laziness With This Napping Desk

We have seen the future and it is very comfortable.

You’re a slouch. And you lie. But mostly you just sit around all day. Man, have we got the chair for you!

Five years in the making, the Altwork Station lets you be productive in whatever healthy position feels the most comfortable. So whether you want to stretch your legs, sit fully supported or lie back and feel like you’re in a dentist chair an astronaut on a top-secret space mission, it’s just a button push away.

By the way, we know what you’re wondering and the answer is: magnets. That’s how the keyboard and mouse keep from falling when you’re reclined or at any kind of angle.

In terms of the timing, West Coasters can expect theirs to arrive the middle of next year and international customers the end of 2016, with the rest of the United States presumably somewhere in between. In the meantime, you can reserve one now with $390 down and then another $3,700 before it ships; buy it flat out (so to speak) for $3,900 (that’s almost $200 less); or for $4,900 go for the Signature Series, with a multitude of custom color configurations, priority manufacturing and an engraved commemorative plate.

Until then, have fun putzing around your ordinary cubicle in your boring chair that leans back a little and swivels. Wheeee!

Photos by Altwork