The Amazon Kindle Voyager Reads Good

The e-ink reader is the best way to eye your e-books.

For a while there, the world’s best e-reader wasn’t a Kindle. That honor went to Kobo’s Aura HD, whose ultra crisp, truly paper-like e-ink screen put every competing model to shame. But with the new Kindle Voyage, Amazon has innovated back to the top, offering the slickest e-reader ever built. At 0.29-inches thick and 6.3 ounces, you barely notice you’re holding the Voyage, and its 300 pixels-per-inch 6-inch display is the sharpest e-ink screen yet. Plus, where recent generations of Kindles made you touch the screen for page-turns, the Voyage brings buttons back, only smarter. A gentle off-screen squeeze triggers pressure sensors that turn the page, a subtle design choice that keeps the reader’s attention where it belongs—on the book, not the e-reader, however awesome the latter might be. [$199;]