This Smart Suitcase Is a Digital Scale, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and Power Station All-in-One

Bet your boring bag probably just holds stuff.

Andiamo’s durable, lightweight iQ bag can tell you what to pack for business or bachelor party alike, based entirely on knowing you destination. It can also pass along flight and weather updates via the accompanying app. And it can even text you if it becomes separated from you by more than 98 feet—or likewise, as it’s approaching you on the ramp. That’s what makes it smart.

What makes you smart is that it also has a built-in digital scale, so you can hopefully avoid extra baggage fees; a global Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can avoid paying extra for Internet on-the-go; and  of course, a battery to help keep your devices charged when you’re away from an outlet.

Best of all, since the campaign on Indiegogo is just a few hours old, you can currently nab one of these enviably smart and cool pieces of luggage for the super earlybird price of $200, two-thirds off what it’ll retail for when it’s available before the end of the year. Don’t thank us now, just be gracious with that hotspot if our paths should cross at the airport.

Photos by Andiamo Luggage