Apple Absolutely Crushed Android On Christmas

More than 50% of devices activated on Christmas were iPhones. 

This Christmas, Santa used an iPhone for navigation. Apple was the most popular cell phone manufacturer for gifts, as 51.3% of devices activated on the holiday were iPhones, while only 17.7% came from the next largest manufacturer, Samsung.

The huge gap between the two companies is a testament to the outstanding fidelity the American consumer has to Apple, even as its Android competitors offer a cheaper (and, in some cases, superior) phone. Coming in third was Nokia, which is owned by Microsoft, at 5.8%. 

The Christmas holiday also saw a huge rise in the amount of Phablets (large phones that are pretty much tablet computers) being given out as presents, with a 9% increase in the amount of phablets given out this year compared to last.You can thank the Samsung Note and iPhone 6 plus for that.  

While Americans and most other western nations are still wedded to Apple, Asian giants like HTC, Samsung, and Xiaomi dominate the global market, with 85% of the world using Android software. Still, even with other, cheaper options, Americans can’t get enough of them Apples. 

Photos by Sean Gallup / Getty Images