Apple AirPods Could Soon Be Able To Take Your Temperature And Check Your Posture And Hearing

Apple’s wireless earbuds could soon come with a bevy of health-centric capabilities.

Apple AirPods Pro Promo
Apple AirPods Pro Promo

AirPods may soon do more than beam music, video and phone call audio directly into your ear canal.

In an effort to make the wireless earbuds more like a health device, Apple is researching integration of a body temperature thermometer.

Citing documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal, MacRumors reports that development of AirPod prototypes with core body temperature-measuring sensors are being developed. These sensors could work in tandem with those rumored to be included on an upcoming Apple Watch due out in 2022.

Other health-focused functions being explored include a posture-correcting system that detects slouching and alerts the wearer, as well as a dedicated medical hearing aid.

The latest AirPods Pro use mics amps, and processors to increase volume and clarity during face-to-face chats via Conversation Boost. Whether an AirPod hearing aid would be an extension of Conversation Boost or employ a new system is unclear, but they’d likely be marketed for a new class of people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss as defined by an expanded FDA regulation.

None of these health features are confirmed for any future AirPods, so don’t expect an unveiling anytime before 2023.