The Latest iPhone 7 Leak Reveals a Massive Upgrade

iPhone users could be getting the biggest battery boost in Apple history.

A 3D rendering of the iPhone 7 and PRO models (Photo: Martin Hajek)

Still two months from its upcoming launch, folks with way too much time on their hands have already surrounded Apple’s iPhone 7 with a slew of swirling speculations and criticisms.

The list of established rumors includes the lack of a headphone jack (good news for makers of headphones with a Lightning connector and Bluetooth speakers) and a potential dual-camera model, along with the usual boring conjectures about antenna design, processor speed and other geeky details.

But the latest from‘s prolific and well-respected leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer is reasonably sure that Apple’s planning to put an undeniably beneficial feature in the iPhone 7: a 1,960mAh battery offering over 14% more capacity than its predecessor.

How will the iPhone 7 stack up? (Photo: Martin Hajek)
How will the iPhone 7 stack up? (Photo: Martin Hajek)

Assuming the screen and processor speed don’t jump similarly, that should offer noticeably more battery life, as well as the biggest battery upgrade in iPhone history.

So, will the outward camera lip protrude or not, what will the models be called, will it or won’t it be available in black? We don’t care. Just give us a fairly attractive phone that works longer and we’ll be happy.

h/t Forbes