The Latest iPhone 8 Rumors Are All About Its Curved Screen

Here’s what you need to know about the latest iPhone 8 features…

The iPhone 8's screen is a huge focus (Photo: MacRumors)

It’s a little tricky to keep things too secretive when sourcing parts for a smartphone that, in a fit of unprecedented popularity, may sell 150 million units in just several months. So when Apple looks to potential suppliers to make its already heavily rumored iPhone 8 a reality, unavoidably tipping their hand, folks tend to take notice.

In particular, rumors about the 8 seem to center on at least one of the three expected models having a curved OLED screen (that’s 4K-capable, contains an embedded Home button, and is framed by a minimal bezel and all-glass body). And to make this radical redesign a reality, Apple will most likely need to turn to Samsung for its display prowess, redefining “coopetition” on the grandest scale possible.

After all, while one of the biggest reasons to make a markedly different iPhone is to try to remain competitive with Samsung, no one else can match the experience they have in producing a highly successful curved screen device (i.e. the Galaxy S7 Edge).


Producing the successful Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung is Apple's strongest competitor and ally (Photo: Samsung)
Producing the successful Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung is Apple’s strongest competitor and ally (Photo: Samsung)

But Apple will need to pull way more tricks from its sleeves between now and when the iPhone 8 launches in September of 2017. Simply giving it a screen and other features (such as wireless charging) that other phones already have won’t make it the smartphone redefining wonder-gadget everyone is hoping, praying and salivating for.

So it’s not too surprising that Apple is said to be testing more than 10 different prototypes for its 10th anniversary iPhone. In this giant cat-and-mouse game of global high tech, it’ll be interesting to see what they can manage to actually keep un-leaked in a way that still keeps our interest piqued over the next nine months.