You’ll Be Able to Actually Hover Sooner Than You Think

Mark your calendars.

ArcaBoard's planning for an April 14th delivery

We’ve had our fair share of hoverboards that over-promise and under-deliver. But ARCA’s hovering board, which they plan to deliver to the somewhat grounded public on April 14th, is different.

They’ve come up with a replacement battery. So now, instead of having to wait 6 hours to recharge it with the off-the-rack adapter or even 35 minutes with the exceptionally faster (and $4,500) optional docking accessory, you can just swap in a spare and be back up and running—or levitating, as the case may be—in a minute or so. Thus doubling your uptime to 12 minutes.

Not a ton, but at 8 to 12 MPH, you could theoretically float a couple of miles. And how far do you really need to float anyway? Well, certainly more than that if this is to become any sort of serious mode of transportation, rather than a novelty.

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But having said all that, we’re still excited to experience its 272 horsepower and 430 pounds of thrust. Who wouldn’t be?