3D Print Your Own Robotic Lawn Mower

Cutting the grass just got 21st century easy.
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The robotic, 3D-printed Ardumower

The robotic, 3D-printed Ardumower (Photo: Reprap Windturbine)

The same way you might have looked at someone who asked you to trim a sizable lawn with one of those old-fashioned reel mowers, you'll soon be looking at whichever fool asks you to use a push mower with an engine. Hey, this is the 21st damn century. Not only do we have robots automatically do our mowing for us, but we print and build them ourselves.

That's the vision at Reprap Windturbine, purveyors of the Ardumower. For just $12, they'll sell you the downloadable construction plans. You just need a 3D printer, the proper materials and some basic tools. It's designed to be easy enough for the average DIYer, no advanced engineering degree required.

And just like that, your biggest concern of the lawn cutting season will be perennially deciding which drink you'll pull from your cocktail hamper, as you kick your feet up and take a load off.

Of course, that's if/when they come up with a Roomba-like bot to sweep your yard for all the clippings, which will by definition change the very nature of male-female relationships.

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