The Atocha Design Open/Close Series Wants to Coddle Your Vinyl

The cabinet is made for record lovers by record lovers. 

There are a lot of storage options for LP records, but 99% of them can be lumped under one category: “box.” We don’t have anything against a well-made cube, but isn’t there a better way to showcase, access and ultimately enjoy your music collection? The vinyl fans at Atocha Design think so, and that’s why they built the Open/Close series. This throwback record cabinet is right out of Don Draper’s den, but with updated compartment for modern-day digital accoutrements. The “open” area is like a physical playlist: a convenient place to order and queue the music you want to hear next. The “closed” area is for your backup jams, which it displays upright and forward-facing in soft-touch drawers for easy viewing of cover art. The Open/Close Series is handmade in the mid-century style and specifically engineered to handle the weight of a large record collection – not to mention the envious gaze of party guests. Available in oak, walnut, maple and cherry. $5,985;