Back to School Gift Guide: Retro Duo NES-SNES Game System

Motion controls? Stereoscopic 3D? Yawn. The hottest games for your dorm room this fall will be the ones from your childhood.

The Deets: While game developers are spending tens of millions of dollars convincing you to jump aboard the motion control and 3D ship, there are literally thousands of great game experience to be had from the catalog of the previous generation of consoles. Good luck trying to find them in stores though. Luckily, Think Geek has this awesome dual purpose system which plays NES and SNES games. Yes, both consoles in one: Two slots are included on the console, allowing you to plug in one cartridge for either system and changeover quickly via a built-in switch. And there’s more! Two SNES style controllers are includes, so prepare for some late night 2-P action in Super Mario Kart,Double Dragon and Tecmo Bowl. (Try the local flea market, craigslist, or eBay for some cheap games.)

Why It’s Required Purchasing: Because you’re already mortgaging your future to play for college; what’s 50 bucks more?

Price: $49.99 @ Think Greek

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