The Bag of Wrenches That Fits in Your Wallet

This compact titanium multi-tool is handy in the garage and anywhere else you go.
This titanium card houses a wealth of wrenches, screwdrivers and other helpful tools in its sturdy 2-dimensional form.

Having this  1mm thin precision-made titanium Tuls Lucy multi-tool in your wallet (or hand or pocket, for that matter) means that whether it's prying open a paint can, adjusting a carburetor, opening a beer, tightening or loosening metric or standard screws and bolts, you'll always have the right tool for the job with you. Finally, your lazy ass won't have to make multiple trips back and forth to the ol' toolbox, fishing around for what you need.

In fact, at about 3 1/4 inches by just over 2 inches, it'll even fit on your keyring. Simply put, it's a must have for every handyman.

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Photos by One Hound Red LLC