The ‘Otto’ By Banana Bros. Is a Luxury Cannabis Grinder That Expertly Rolls Joints

This high-tech grinder gently mills buds to perfection and fills raw fiber “cones” in seconds without any wasted flower.

(Banana Bros.)

Tech-focused cannabis brand Banana Bros. has high hopes for its motorized grinder that rolls joints at the touch of a button and is available in three new colors.

This high-tech smart grinder aimed at upscale cannabis consumers uses artificial intelligence to gently mill buds to perfection and then fills premium raw fiber “cones” in seconds without any bummer-inducing mess or wasted flower.

Watch it in action here:

Banana Bros. claims that unlike traditional hand grinders that can crush buds, damage trichomes and easily jam, OTTO’s patent-protected milling technology “communicates directly with the motor and blade, senses resistance to the milling blades and adjusts appropriately, resulting in evenly processed herb with superior flavor, consistency and smoking experience.”

First launched in 2019, the OTTO range includes the OG OTTO in black priced at $149.99 and eye-catching new red, blue, and gold colorways for $199.99 each.

All OTTOs come with pre-rolled cones, which can be re-ordered through a Banana Bros. cone club subscription service. Interested? Go to for more info.