Is the “Bang With Friends” App the Worst Thing in the World?


In case you haven’t already heard about the new Facebook app called Bang With Friends, here’s a basic overview: once you’ve installed the app and signed into Facebook, you’re asked to select which of your 1,576 “friends” you are “down to bang.” If they have the app and have also indicated that they’re down to bang you, both parties are notified via email of their mutual interest in banging, which, at least in theory, ultimately leads to a no-strings-attached sexual encounter. If the ladies you’re down to bang aren’t down to bang you, they’ll never know about your weird secret.

Bravo to the creators of this thing for taking all the mystery, subtlety, and effort out of getting laid. Whatever happened to the good old days, when hooking up with an acquaintance required, at the very least, some cheap whiskey and a modicum of charm? We’re all for casual sex, and if there’s an app for that, even better. But when it comes to a one-night stand with a friend or acquaintance, it’s probably better if it doesn’t involve a Facebook notification saying “Good news, Ashley is down to bang!” Also, is there anything creepier than this explanatory diagram?

Alas, this thing is already a hit with lazy, sex-starved 20-somethings who spend their lives on Facebook; the app’s creators claim to be registering new users at the rate of 5 per minute. It’s proof that in America, all you need to succeed is a new idea—not necessarily a good one.

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