The Smartest, Strangest, Loudest Speaker Ever

Bang & Olufsen’s new BeoLab 90 is everything a luxury loudspeaker should be.

To celebrate their 90th anniversary, Scandinavian electronics engineers Bang & Olufsen—known for their high-concept designs—just introduced a speaker that will completely blow you away.

For starters, the BeoLab 90 looks like the kind of exquisitely angular sculpture you’d find adorning a hotel lobby or trendy city plaza. That design—if a little oddly avant garde—makes it both stunning to look at and hear from any position—especially because you can (with the intuitive companion app) adjust the width of the sound and steer it to any location in the room, up to a full 360 degrees.

This video shows the impressively angular loudspeaker from a variety of angles:

And you wanna talk power? You wanna talk sheer brute strength? Fourteen amplifier channels running through its strategically placed 18 speaker drivers can pump out a roof-busting 8,200 watts. If you’re near a B&O store starting in mid-November, you can hear this beauty for yourself. By the way, just so you can’t say we didn’t warn you, they’re expected to retail for just shy of $39,000 each.

So, uh, start saving.

Photos by Bang & Olufsen