This Bariseur Alarm-Coffee Wakes You With A Fresh Brew

The best part of waking up is this coffee maker clock percolating on your bedside table.

We know what you’re going to say: timer-activated coffee makers have existed for years. But does that Mr. Coffee sit at your bedside looking like a Captain’s clock—all polished wood and steel—and wake you with the sounds of water on a low boil, the hiss of steeping coffee grounds, the pleasant rumblings of heat-inducing ball bearings, and the smell of fresh coffee? Meet the Bariseur Alarm-Coffee from designer Josh Renouf. A pour-over coffee machine affixed to a digital alarm clock, the beautiful appliance brews coffee as your wake-up call chimes. Set it up the night before and in the morning, through half-closed lids, you’ll watch the water boil, shoot up through the spout, shower the grounds, and drip into a single cup. Sure beats the shrill sound of your iPhone. price upon request;

Photos by Josh Renouf Design