Bear Grylls Reveals The Survival Watch Functions That Could Save Your Life

“Be well-equipped, fully empowered, and never give up.”

Bear Grylls wearing the Survival Chronograph MASTER Series 3745

Presented by Luminox

Intrepid adventurers embarking on outdoor excursions have lots of technology on their side these days, wielding everything from rugged GPS devices to sophisticated satellite phones. But Bear Grylls knows better than anyone that even the most high-tech equipment can be rendered useless if the elements turn against you. 

Storms scramble satellite signals. Batteries go bad or drain to zero. Valuable devices are transformed into useless junk. To really survive in the wild–as Grylls has demonstrated for years on TV shows like Man Vs. Wild, You Vs. Wild, and World’s Toughest Race–rugged and reliable equipment is vital to survival. 


That’s why the Luminox x Bear Grylls Survival Chronograph MASTER Series model no. 3745 watch should be strapped on the wrist of any adventurer preparing to spend time in the wild. 

Just listen to what the man himself has to say about why “Survival” is the most important word in his watch’s name. 

“Being able to find north, south, east and west is a life-saving skill,” Grylls says. “This Luminox watch includes cardinal directions on its rotating bezel,” he notes, adding that it also “comes with a [removable] compass fitted to the rubber strap.”


Because time isn’t always on your side in a dire survival situation, Grylls illustrates another reason why any of his Luminox timepieces are ideal companions on land and sea. 

“All our watches feature the Luminox Light Technology,” Grylls says, “which allows you to know the time in any lighting condition, even total darkness.”

Luminox’s Light Technology really sets this timepiece apart from the rest. “It’s going to remain fully visible for up to 25 years,” Grylls says. “Not 25 days. Twenty-five years.” 


Smartwatches can’t even begin to compete with that kind of extreme durability. “In survival, ‘every second counts,” Grylls says. “Seconds matter. Sometimes it is the difference between life and death. Do you go on? Do you turn back? Jump, or hold your ground? Make shelter or make fire?”

“In these situations, having the right equipment is everything. Luminox helps you make smart decisions. Use the hour hand and the sun to get your bearings. Calculate your speed with a bezel. Can you reach higher ground and set up camp before the sun sets?”


Additional features in the Bear Grylls Survival Chronograph Master Series watch include its lightweight yet absurdly tough case made from Luminox’s innovative compound material, CARBONOX ™ +. Also, the dial bears SOS Morse code markings as an additional aid in extreme situations.

The pushers on the Masters model 3745 are stainless steel and a bright orange rubber ring makes for a grippy crown. The survival watch is water-resistant to 300 meters and comes with a black rubber strap and a detachable compass.

With the Bear Grylls Survival Chronograph Master Series, Luminox has created an absolutely killer timepiece geared toward keeping you safe and ready for whatever nature throws at you. 

“Because small decisions matter,” Grylls says. “Seconds matter. Every second counts. Remember, be well-equipped, fully empowered, and never give up.” 

The Bear Grylls Survival Chronograph MASTER Series model no. 3745 retails for $975. Get yours now at