The Smart Alarm That’s Part Clock, Part Personal Assistant

Your move, Siri.

Over the years, alarm clocks have been designed to wake us in a plethora of interesting ways. Whether you prefer to be nudged, jarred, lulled, blared or zapped into consciousness is up to you. But the modern alarm clock does way more than merely rouse.

For starters, Beddi helps you fall asleep with your choice of soothing white noise and variably dimmed color mood lights. Overnight, it simultaneously charges your favorite phone and tablet. And in the morning, it wakes you with warm, gradually increasing white light and your favorite Spotify jams. Here’s where it gets cool.

Its companion app lets you easily program the clock’s three special buttons to trigger such smart home functions as adjusting your thermostat, brewing a cup o’ joe and turning on various other lights or appliances around your home, as well as messaging functions like initiating a call or text. You’ve also got one-touch access to Uber—and it’ll even tell you when your ride arrives. Speaking of which, it’s able to tell you when you need to leave for your morning commute based on current traffic conditions, as well as what weather to expect along the way. In other words, this clock doesn’t just stop you from sleeping, but really prepares you for your day.

Since they’ve hit their stretch goal, it’s now available in white or space grey. You can snag one on Kickstarter for $75, about 25% off expected retail when it’s available in June. And until then, enjoy your current sub-par non-concierge-like alarm clock.

Photos by WITTI Inc.