Finally, We’re Getting the Beer-Delivering Robots We Deserve

This is innovation at its best. 

Robots will eventually steal our jobs and wipe us off the face of the planet, but until that happens, they’re doing what they’re supposed to: deliver us cold beer.

A group of robotics researchers at MIT have spent the past few years researching models for cooperation between multiple robots, and naturally they opted to test their system by training a few machines to serve up alcoholic beverages. The science is incredibly dense and fairly boring, but the short description is that two robots nicknamed Leonardo and Raphael were programmed to serve as “waiters” and serve drinks to multiple patrons. Another, dubbed PR2, was charged with dolling our drinks from a cooler. 

Complicated, yes. Amusing, definitely. Refreshing? Probably. You can watch the trio of robots in action in the video below.

Beer-serving robots aren’t totally new. The Asahi Robocco can pour you a beer on the spot, and the PR2 has been delivering single beers for a few years now. But this system excels by coordinating a swarm of robots to bring ice cold brewskis to multiple people spread across multiple rooms. 

If this is the future of alcohol consumption, then I for one welcome our new robot overlords.


Photos by MIT