The Bell Bullitt Special Edition Helmet is Retro Modern Done Right

The 60’s inspired lid protects your head – and unleashes your inner McQueen.  

The Bell Star, which debuted in 1966, was the world’s first full-faced motorcycle helmet, a genre-defining lid worn by everyone from redline-tickling racers to shark tank-jumping stunt men. An update to that classic head-cradler, the new Bell Bullitt Special Edition retains the Star’s bubble visor and sloping silhouette, but features such modern improvements as contoured cushions , generous ventilation, speaker-slots, and a cheek-swaddling suede interior. The DOT-certified helmet is available in two color patterns and a variety of variously-tinted shields so you can dial in a style that looks as paired with a cafe racer as it does hung next to a collarless leather jacket. $599;