The Belt Buckle That Could Save Your Life

Finally, a self defense tool that also keeps your pants up.

Tools are only as handy as they are readily accessible. That’s why Bowen’s assortment of knife belts are especially handy. Whether you’re camping, fishing, hunting or protecting yourself, a trusty 420 stainless steel blade (with an equally handy built-in bottle opener) is right where you need it.

The buckles come in single- and double-edge, narrow and wide variations. Sold separately for your personalization pleasure, the belts are available in black or brown, narrow and wide (to match the buckles). The wide ones also feature an optional zipped money liner.

So now let’s answer your two most burning questions:

1) Yes, if you go through airport security with it, expect it to get swiped. It’s exactly the kind of item TSA recommends you pack in your checked luggage. Beyond that, Bowen’s disclaimer places the onus on you to know the legality of walking around with a knife strapped to your pants.

2) Yes, if you unsheathe the thing, your pants may fall down. If that’s your biggest concern, you may want to check out this tacky-but-practical magnetic knife buckle. Or just take your time, as you should anyway.