The BenQ TreVolo Brings the Boom

The electrostatic BenQ treVolo is a fold-up speaker with bigger-than-its-body sound.

Most portable speakers overemphasize the bass at the expense of high mid-range and treble frequencies. By employing something called “low mass electrostatic drivers” that play high frequencies with more definition than traditional drivers, along with real woofers for solid bass, the BenQ treVolo reproduces just the right balance in everything from hip-hop to jazz to bluegrass—for up to 12 hours on a single charge. Those electrostatic drivers are housed in two super-thin panels that flair out, wing-like, when in use, but fold down against the perforated, modestly-sized main body when its time to travel. This unique design adds a level of freshness to the standard square speaker and also makes it easy to stow in a briefcase. Bass lovers might not love it, but few portable speakers marry such sound and convenience. [$299;]