Best of 2011: Gadgets

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Set-Top Box: WD TV Live

Western Digital’s set-top box gives you easy access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube…and all those other online services you can also visit through your PS3 or Xbox 360. What sets this apart is how it seamelessly plays content from your Mac, PC, or any other devices on your home network. 

Point-and-Shoot: Canon Powershot S100

If you’re going to buy a compact camera, it might as well be a lot better than your cell phone camera. This one is, but it’s still good in the pocket. 

E-Reader: Nook Simple Touch

For those still complaining that an eReader isn’t equal to a real book, STFU already. Barnes & Noble’s new $100 Nook has a responsive touch screen, battery that lasts weeks, and fits comfortably in one hand. Now we just need to learn how to read…

E-Reader Accessories: Verso Arc Light and Delta Stand Up Case

Most accessories for eReaders are a pain in the ass, which is why Lightwedge makes it easy with a clip-on rechargeable light, at durable case, or the combo light case 

Portable Harddrive: Iomega Helium 2 1TB

It’s sturdy, it’s made of metal and it adds an additional 1TB to your Mac or PC for under $200. 

Health: Sonicare DiamondClean

This vibrating wonder has a ceramic finish, five brushing modes, and recharges in a stylish glass, making it the Lexus of toothbrushes. 

Fitness Thingee: Fitbit Ultra

It seems like it might be girly, but it’s actually awesome. Tracks what you do, eat and how you sleep. The first step to making yourself less shitty is figuring out how shitty you actually are. 

Portable Speakers: Yamaha PDX-11

Only $100 and it’s one of the cooler little portable docks we’ve seen. 

Gaming Accessory: MUNITIO Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Billets 9mm Earbuds

They’re high-quality earbuds shaped like bullets. If you need any more reason as to why these are awesome then you’re on the wrong site. 

Handy Accessory: Gerber Fit Light Tool

If you want to carry a multitool and a flashlight, you can do it without a holster that makes you look like a total tool box. 

Video Camera: Go Pro 2

Record every stupid thing that you do and the footage looks kick ass. POV pornos will never be the same. Actually, they’ll be exactly the same.