These Are The Best 4K TVs You Can Buy Right Now

Which of these phenomenal flatscreens do you like best?

2017 is here and if your annual resolution includes filling that hole in your living room with one of the best 4K, ultra-high-res TVs on the market, take a look at these five phenomenal TVs. 


When price is no option, the LG E6 is the best TV we’ve found that you can buy right now. Sure, there are crazy things on the horizon like the LG W7 Wallpaper TV but we’re not holding our breath for stock of that thing to surface in 2017. In the meantime, the impossibly thin, incredibly beautiful design of the E6 will stop even casual techies in their tracks.

This is the closest TV we’ve found to a home TV mimicking the Digital Projection found in most movie theaters and that’s nothing to scoff at. We especially like LG’s Web 3.0 user-interface for delivering streaming content to your living room in 4K definition. Small caveat is that you better make sure your home’s internet connection is beefy enough to handle those HQ streams. It does also come with 3D capabilities and two sets of 3D glasses but good luck finding content unless you’re interested in watching Avatar for the umpteenth time.

2. Sony Z9D

Sony has a flatscreen pedigree that can’t be ignored and their Z9D continues that tradition nicely. It’s a showpiece in the living room, a hub for your smart home accessories – thanks to Logitech’s Harmony Hub integration – rocks an Android OS that includes Playstation Vue and is a prime candidate for use with the Playstation4 Pro since it’s a superior 4K screen with integrated HDR+ contrast and will make use of all the best features of the PS4Pro’s 4K capabilities.

The PS4Pro will certainly work with any HDTV but to fully maximize it, the Sony to Sony handshake that happens here is one that makes us trust the Z9D for entertainment AND gaming.

3. Vizio Smartcast P-Series

The best budget option on this list is here because, for many reasons, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s a budget option. We’ll admit that picture quality, while the best you’ll find from the Vizio brand, may not be on the same level as the LG or Sony mentioned on this list.

What sets Vizio apart are some of the best extra features, like integrated Chromecast video and a 6” 1080p tablet that comes in the box instead of a remote control. It’s a lot of bells and whistles for your buck and shows that Vizio might be more in-tune with what customers want than the heavy-hitter brands.

4. Samsung KS9800

We have to be honest, we almost nixed Samsung from this list entirely. It’s not because they don’t make gorgeous TVS – they do – but because their smart hub software built into each TV has quickly become an insurmountable problem, undoing all the good of a smart TV by injecting Samsung’s own advertising content in an infinitely frustrating way.

You can opt out of it if you know to do so at the outset so consider this your warning. What’s left over is a fantastic SUHD 4K screen with incredible brightness and contrast and crystal clear picture. Samsung’s seemingly signature curve also helps fit more inches in a tighter space in case limited living room size is a concern for you.

5. Bang and Olufsen BeoVision Avant

We couldn’t have a list like this without an absolutely bonkers entry and Bang&Olufsen almost always delivers on that front. B&O takes design as seriously as tech and the Avant 4K TV is an excellent example of that. The BeoVision Avant is the closest thing a 4K TV gets to being a transformer, moving on its stand for ideal viewing angles and unfolding an integrated three-channel soundbar for a fully immersive experience. When the picture quality and technology in the TV is as important to you as the way it looks in your home, the Avant is the first and last place you should be looking.