All About That Bass: 5 Headphones Actually Worth Your Money

Whether you need noise cancelation or all-day comfort, we’ve got the perfect pair.

The headphone industry is in full disruption mode, with upstart companies producing models whose audio quality rivals that of established brands. Every pair we’ve picked sounds fantastic. So what differentiates them? It’s about when you use them. Bluetooth cans will never deliver the same immersive at-home experience as wired models. All of these headphones will blow you away—just pick your moment.

Break in your new headphones with these tunes, recommended by metal men-in-the-know: 

David Castillo of Saint Vitus Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, suggests:

“Empty Harbor,” by Sannhet

“Slaves Beyond Death,” by Black Breath

“Tongues of Nightshade,” by Cruciamentum

“Bridgeburner,” by Mutoid Man. 

Brandon Stosuy of Pitchfork recommends:

“Come Back,” by Deafheaven

“Brown Rainbow,” by Pinkish Black

“Eventide,” by Dead to a Dying World

“Over Spirit,” by Krallice.

Photos by Mark Platt