3 iPhone Battery Cases We Like Better Than Apple’s Bumpy Offering

Sorry, Apple. You can’t win ’em all.

PWR Case Pro

We love Apple. Undeniably they’ve cornered the smartphone market and make some of the sleekest computers in the world. But like it or lump it, Apple just released their first official iPhone battery case, to less than stellar reception. Hey, we’re not here to call the hump on its back ugly. But we are making the case that a few better cases already exist.

Stacked Stack Pack
Instead of tangly, tethered charging cords, this wire-free case lets you charge up to five 2,750mAh power packs at once, stacked (get it?) one behind the other. Just slap one of these highly efficient packs on the back of your phone when your battery needs a boost. And remove it for a more svelte case when you don’t. [$129 includes one battery pack]

Prong PWR Case Pro
Improving on the outlet-friendly battery case we featured back in October, Prong just released a new version of their cord-free detachable battery case with 35% more capacity. (On the product page, look for the subtle “2.3x battery power” link next to Select Capacity.) It’s available in four color combos, including a clear version. [$119]

Mophie Space Pack
This bad boy not only supplies extra power to get your iPhone through the day, but either 32 or 64 extra gigs of memory as well. The accompanying app makes it easy to save files for the phone—or transfer, backup or access them on your desktop. Never again worry about running out of room…or juice. [$150-$200]

Although they’re all more expensive than the Apple product, in the end we don’t mind shelling out more for the added functionality.