The Best New Way to Get Comfortable Poolside

Having a place to take a summer dip is almost as good as having someone to take a dip with and a place to lay down afterward.

A man buys a pool not only because he wants to be in it, but because he expects to see a woman next it. How he chooses to make his visitor comfortable – lounge chair, bed, hastily laid out towel – is a matter of taste or the lack thereof, but there are precisely two pool furniture truisms: The more comfortable the chair, the tanner the woman and the more accommodating the perch, the more accommodating the woman. This isn’t rocket science, it’s the logic that keeps parties at the Le Club 55 in St. Tropez and the Ushuaiai in Ibiza wild.

To help you create that party atmosphere in your own backyard (or on your roof), we’ve found the best pool accessories not available in toy store.

Leisure Season Sunbed With Canopy

The best thing about this stretched-canvas sunbed is that it’s great looking, perfect for a SoCal hideaway. The second best thing about it is that anyone lying in it will tend to roll to the middle. It’s basic physics – and a great excuse.

Modern Outdoor Adjustable Chaise Lounge

A more urban approach best suited to a rooftop or balcony, this lounger has an industrial look that will make your pool area seem more masculine. Comfortable enough to nap on and tough enough to weather a storm, this seat makes more of a statement about taste than about intention. 

Source Outdoor Double Chaise Lounge

This comfy chaise with a bulky woven platform belongs in a more tropical environment and looks almost awkward without multiple bikini-ed women sprawled across it. If you’re the pool party guy, this is your best bet. If you’re more private, give it a miss.

Frontgate Vermont Chaise Lounge

More Montauk than Miami, this more rustic seat belongs in the grass near are a harbor. If you can lie down on it, turn to the side and see your sailboat, you’re using it right. If it’s sitting on a bluff above the raging Atlantic instead of next to your placid pool, that works too – we guess.

Zuo Colva Outdoor Canopy Bed

Have walls around your clothe’s optional pool? Good for you. You’re going to get plenty of use out of this day bed.