The Best Not-Quite-Mega Yacht from the Netherlands

It’s hard to beat the Zeelander Z68 for style and panache on the water.

The Dutch better have more reason than most to care about shipbuilding. They live on a damn flood plain. No wonder the Netherlands is known worldwide for having some of the very top megayacht builders, including Amels, Moonen, Heesen, and the like. Zeelander, more of an up-and-comer, has yet to produce a true megayacht—though they have plans for a 164-footer in the works. But what the Z68 lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in style.

Just look at the thing: pleasantly plump but inarguably sleek, with small, old-school port lights that almost look like they belong on a sailboat. There’s a certain nautical flare going on here. And when you add in an array of paint jobs that seemingly spans the entire color spectrum, what you end up with is a boat that’s fit for a rock star (think Mick Jagger, not Kid Rock).

But it’s not just the Z68’s exterior that sets it apart. Though not a truly custom boat, she’s damn close. The builder works with multiple interior designers, along with a prospective buyer, to tailor the interior to the owner’s needs. Fabrics, layouts, woods, color schemes—they are all up to the whims of personal style and taste. Of course, none of this is cheap. If you’d like to dock the Z68 behind your home (or more likely, your second or third home) be prepared to shell out somewhere around $4,000,000. 

You can’t put a price on not drowning.