These 6 'Star Wars' Cooking Gadgets Are Out of This World

May the feast be with you.
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The X-Wing Knife Block

The X-Wing Knife Block (Photo: ThinkGeek)

Many of us are proudly both sci-fi geeks and accomplished chefs. So as we transition from Star Wars Day to Father's Day, allow us to present our favorite fully licensed and Lucas-approved cooking gadgets.

When battling foes hand-to-hand, of course a light saber is the weapon of choice. But they can just be so unwieldy in the kitchen. So it's probably best to stick with more traditional cutting knives when required. With the geektastic X-Wing Knife Block ($100), five trusty blades are suspended at the ready in a form resembling the famous freedom fighter ship.

Darth Vader silicone oven mitt

Darth Vader silicone oven mitt (Photo: ThinkGeek)

The Skywalker clan has a checkered history with hands. To protect yours, be sure to slip on this right-handed silicone Darth Vader Oven Mitt ($15). When not saving your tarts from burning, it's satisfying to simply wear around the house, occasionally clenching your fist while doing your best James Earl Jones impression.

That's no moon. It's a grill.

That's no moon. It's a grill. (Photo: The Fowndry)

Some briquettes, a little lighter fluid and this Death Star BBQ ($144) will be fully operational. Certainly not the fanciest grill on the block. But as long as it brings your meats a little closer to the dark side, that's all that matters.

A griller without tongs is like a Jedi without a light saber. Now you can have (if not be) both, with the Star Wars BBQ Tongs ($30). Do your best to make sure all the vittles cook evenly. And in the meantime, press the side button of this battery-operated implement and it makes cool sound effects.

Millennium Falcon serving platter

Millennium Falcon serving platter (Photo: ThinkGeek)

As your guests wait for the main course, distract them with some finger foods served on the Millennium Falcon Serving Platter ($20), the fastest dish in the galaxy.

5-piece Death Star dinner set

5-piece Death Star dinner set (Photo: ThinkGeek)

After all that, you wouldn't dream of setting the table with anything less than the five-piece Star Wars Death Star Dinner Set ($25), complete with place mat, plate and flatware.

And thus ends a geeky yet satisfying dining experience. Impressive. Most impressive.

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