The Most Essential Survival Gear of 2015

Don’t be caught without these rugged, life-saving tools.

We’re getting soft. Our baristas serve us Frappucinos while we fumble through our iPhones to read about Kim Kardashian’s $300 rubber sandals, but lord save us if we ever need to field dress a deer or fashion a makeshift house out of bamboo, eucalyptus leaves, and dental floss. Goddamn it, we’re like a bunch of latte-sipping babies.

…or are we?

Every good man needs to know how to survive. But when you’re in the woods with animals that have razor-sharp teeth or stingers or claws, or you’re up against the elements, it’s not unfair to seek out an advantage. And when it comes to survival gear, 2015 had a pretty good run. We put painstaking hours into sifting through all the mounds of crap out there in order to bring you a definitive list of this year’s most essential and totally kick-ass pieces of “just in case.” Enjoy!