This Lighting System Makes Your Bike Almost as Visible as a Car

Make your whip safer for everyone.

Last year, Revolights launched a product to fight one of the biggest problems for bike commuters: visibility. The tech company debuted their flagship product, which put narrow rings of LED lights onto bike wheels giving riders 360 visibility. Now, the company is improving that product with their Eclipse+ system.

While their first project afforded visibility as well as light signaling for when bikes slowed down, the Eclipse+ system will also provide handle bar activated signals for turning. Add to this a Bluetooth connection to your phone that provides real-time battery life as well as speed and distance tracking, and it might even be more advanced than a car.

Thankfully, the project is already fully funded, with 28 days to spare as of publish time. But, if you contribute to the campaign, you can still score the new Eclipse + system for $209. The company plans to retail it for $249. If you’re in need of a bike, the tech firm has teamed up with Pure Fix on two bikes you can snap up for $599 to $649.