Turn Your Ride Into a Work of Art With Bike Rack Furniture

Ride it, don’t hide it.

Rather than trying to cram your bike into a closet or corner, why not put it out in the open? That’s what Chilean designer Manuel Rossel’s 2016 line of furniture is all about. Ranging from side tables and desks all the way up to open cabinets and stylish sofas, the entire line smartly integrates grooves in which to rest your tires. 

If you’re in a city apartment where space is at a premium, this furniture speaks to a definite need. How many times have you wandered home, perhaps after downing a few adult beverages, and stumbled directly into your (or worse, your roommate’s) bicycle? Instead of scratching up the paint or drilling permanent holes into your walls with traditional bike racks, put your love of cycling on display at all times. Pre-order one now for the equivalent of $50 to $450, and embrace your penchant for pedaling.

Photos by Manual Rossel