The Bitlock Creates a Bike Share for Buddies

Never worry about losing your keys — or your ride — again.

Technology is turning the world into an idealistic hippie commune, and the next target of the sharing economy is the bicycle. Doing its part is Bitlock, which allows the user to grant anyone with a smartphone access to its reinforced, cut-resistant steel lock.

Using encryption ordinarily reserved for online banking, the Bitlock senses via its bundled app whenever you or anyone to whom you’ve granted privileges is within three feet of your bike, unlocking with a press of a button. Even if you don’t care to share, the Bitlock means no longer worrying about losing your keys or forgetting where you left your bike; geopositional technology records its location so you always know where to find your ride or track down someone whose nabbed it. 

And because every piece of technology these days can’t just serve a single purpose, the Bitlock app also tracks metrics like miles biked, calories burned, and carbon emissions saved. And don’t worry: if your phone dies, you can still punch in a predetermined code of your choosing directly into the lock. [$119;]