This 19-Function Leatherman Multi-Tool Is a Blacked Out Beauty

Just don’t lose it in the dark.

Photo: Leatherman

The almost totally blacked-out, all-new Leatherman Signal might be one of the coolest-looking multitools on the market. 

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Photo: Leatherman

Formerly offered only in stainless steel, the latest Leatherman wields 19 outdoor-ready implements including two types of pliers, a 2.73-inch blade, diamond-coated sharpener, emergency whistle and Ferrocerium rod for sparking tinder. And but for that tiny splash of yellow, it’s darker than a moonlit night by the campfire. 

Photo: Leatherman

An especially useful design feature allows for many of the tools to be opened with one hand from the folded position, much like a pocket knife.

Photo: Leatherman

Additionally, all except the pliers lock into place, enabling users to apply pressure from any angle safely. With a 25 year warranty, you know it’s built to last. 

You can cop the blacked-out Signal for $110 from Leatherman now, and check out a demonstration of all its awesome features below: