This Blacked-Out Folding Knife Is a Premium Everyday Carry Instant Classic

Benchmade updates the Bugout with a carbon fiber handle and stainless steel blade.


The Benchmade Bugout folding knife shows up in plenty of everyday carry collections and it will probably become even more popular now. The company has taken the classic design and tricked it out for 2020 with a new handle in a sleek blackout colorway.


The handle is sturdier yet more lightweight than before, made from Benchmade’s own CF elite polymer, a molded material shot through with carbon fiber strands. 

Further details about the Bugout from Benchmade’s website—the carbon-coated blade has a serrated edge and is made from CPM-S30V (58-60 HRC) steel. That hardness factor ensures it will remain sharp for much longer than any normal knife


It’s got a mini deep-carry reversible clip and is designed to be your go-to for outdoor-oriented EDC

It has an official name longer than the blade itself and the Benchmade Bugout AXIS Lock Knife Black CF-Elite normally retails for $170

But as of Sunday, January 12 it’s on sale at BladeHQ for $144.50 and is set to ship in January as well.