Blaupunkt Brings Back Classic Car Stereo Cranked Up With Modern Tech

Blaupunkt’s SQR 46 system blends modern connectivity with 1980s audio style.

Blaupunkt SQR 46 Promo

Drivers looking for a quality after-market upgrade for their 1980s and 1990s car stereos frequently turned to Blaupunkt, and the German audio manufacturer knows it. 

That’s why the “Blue Point” has resurrected the classic Bremen SQR 46. The retro head unit has virtually all of the buttons, dials and controls that were found on the original when it was released in 1986 (plus a badass new red display).


But look closely, and you’ll see that their functions have changed to match the unit’s modern tech. For instance, there’s now a DAB+ button that can be pressed to pick up hi-fi digital FM or AM signals. Behind a faux cassette deck cover are SD card and USB inputs to play MP3 and WMA music. 

A smartphone can also be connected via Bluetooth to place calls or transmit navigation directions. As Motor Authority notes, Bluetooth can’t be used to play music from an external device, but there is an auxiliary input. 


You can also program the radio to respond to steering wheel controls. In cars without that capability, an included remote can be used to make adjustments while driving. 

The Bremen SQR 46 DAB is listed for approximately $500 (€449), but you’ll have to figure out a way to get Blaupunkt’s third-party seller to ship to the U.S.