Bloody Halloween Gear

There will be blood. Of course there will… it’s Halloween, silly.

There will be blood. Of course there will… it’s Halloween, silly.

Gore Tech

Designed to look like an overturned bucket of blood, the Liquid Lamp is just the thing to keep your boss from sticking his head into your office. $253,

You’re So Vein

Legend has it that Hungarian “Blood Countess” Elizabeth Bathory murdered 650 virgins so she could bathe in their blood. Seems like a terrible waste of virgins when she could have gotten the same effect with Spinning Hat’s Blood Bath Shower Gel. Also great for re-creating the shower scene from Carrie with your girlfriend. $7,

Cue the Screechy Music

Your bathroom will look like Norman Bates just stepped out when you decorate it with the Blood Bath Shower Curtain. “Mother! Oh, God, mother! Blood! Blood!” $18,

Eat Your Heart Out

Last summer a 21-year-old college student killed his roommate and ate his heart. That’s rude and unappetizing. We prefer to satisfy those Dahmer­esque cravings with the Gelatin Heart Mold. It makes a tasty dessert, without all the, you know, mess. $6,

You Can’t Beat This

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve—keep it on your desk, where it can be put to good use holding your pencils. If you’re feeling romantic, the soft plastic Anatomical Heart Pencil Holder can double as a vase. $20,

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