A Boba Fett-Inspired Backpack Actually Exists

Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter gets his very own gear bag.

Before he strapped on his trusty jetpack and became a ruthless bounty hunter in search of handsome, evasive smugglers across the galaxy, Boba Fett probably used Febreeze to cover up the smell of weed and ripped shots with his RA around campus. And chances are, he had a backpack that looked like this one ($175), from Nixon’s Star Wars collection. (No, not that Nixon!)

This bag—a special edition of their A-10—sports his signature green color and a distressed look. This top loader features plenty of room for your stuff, including a separate bottom compartment and two thruster-like diagonally zippered ones on the front. A padded side-entry pocket keeps your laptop (most appropriately, this one) safe. But the Star Wars detail de resistence is the zipper pull featuring Hans Solo frozen in carbonite. Just a little memento to keep you smiling, even if you have to pass the next millennium being digested in the sarlacc

Photos by Nixon