This Game Follows A Girl Who Slays Monsters To Grow Bigger Boobs

She must, she must, she must increase her bust.

You probably know a woman or two who’s expressed a desire for bigger boobs. No big deal. Some people just aren’t as well-endowed as others. But there are options! There’s cosmetic surgery, or, in the case of the PS Vita role-playing game Omega Labyrinth, defeating monsters to gather their “Omega Power.”

Accumulating Omega Power, or basically “the strength of a woman,” will increase the size of protagonist Aina Akemiya’s chest, as well as boost her special abilities. When she reaches her “maximum chest size,” she can release a special power that’ll let you decimate the competition. When that’s all over, her chest will deflate, if you will, back to normal.

Oh, and if that weren’t enough, you can slide phallic-shaped “Unidentified Crystals” between characters’ breasts and shake to fill it with Omega Power and “identify” the crystal to find out what it can really do.

Sounds awesome, right? It’s awesome and hilarious. Even better, first-print copies of the game come with special items like the Hitachi Magic Wand “Lightning Malance” weapon and the “Butt Shield” armor to keep your party members from harm.

Right now the game has no Western release date and is relegated to Japan, but given that publisher D3 Publisher brought us the titillating Criminal Girls: Invitation Only, which was nearly as steamy as Omega Labyrinth. So there’s hope, even if it’s heavily-edited hope. Keep on charging up that Omega Power!