This Cordless Bosch Mini Chainsaw Is a Pocket-Sized Powerhouse

Get ready to truly own that Thanksgiving turkey.

Tiny Cut

If Leatherface was the same size as Chucky, this would be his chainsaw of choice. Not anyone wants to see a Tiny Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but this hand-held cutting machine would be absolutely perfect for it.

Scoff if you must, but plenty of us have a  number of household tasks that require a blade with a chainsaw’s cutting ability but not the typical chainsaw size. You don’t need this massive 6-foot Stihl to cut down a dead rose bush, right? No, you need something like the Bosch EasyCut 12 NanoBlade mini chainsaw.

Pocket Chainsaw

There are electric saws you can wield one-handed, but the moment you take them to a tree trunk that isn’t so easy anymore. The EasyCut fits perfectly in the palm, and it’s not held back by a cord or the need to fuel up and oil something. A 12V battery pack powers the EasyCut so anyone using it can range around the yard, happily sawing things at will.

Even better, the EasyCut 12 doesn’t have the typical chainsaw’s jarring growl. It’s quiet and the cutting chain will remain sharp for the life of the tool.

Bosch pocket chainsaw

This versatile and convenient tool also has an excellent price point. Check it out on Bosch’s site and start planning on taking out all those extra shrubs today.