Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones Are 40% Off, So Enjoy The Silence

Drown out the world on planes, trains or the office with these beloved Bose headphones.
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Bose QuietComfort 25

You can spend an absurd amount of cash on headphones, or you can buy them on the cheap. A new holiday deal from Bose let's you get the brand's beloved noise-cancelling headphones for 40 percent off.

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The QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise-Cancelling headphones use the juice from a AAA battery to reduce extraneous sound significantly, allowing you to you to enjoy booming lows, crisp highs and everything in between, even over the roar of a commercial jet engine or the chatter of annoying pedestrians.

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Models designed for Apple or Samsung and Android devices allow you to control the volume level or take calls with an inline mic/remote. A slick carrying case is also included. 

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Whether you're in the market for high-fidelity headphones or shopping around for a can't-miss Christmas present, it's definitely worth a look.

Save $125 (41 percent) when you purchase the Quiet Comfort 25 headphones in black or white from Amazon now. 

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