Boston Dynamics’ Freaky Robot Dog ‘Spot’ Is Now For Sale

But you still can’t bring your other pets to work.

Boston Dynamics has been scaring the hell out of the public with its robots for years now, but they always seemed like experiments. One, perhaps the most accessible, was always the dog-like “Spot.”

Now a longed-for day has finally come: Spot will be available for purchase to use in the workplace. Or at home, if you’re into that.

Boston Dynamics

Honestly, it sounds like a pretty useful machine. 

Spot has a top speed of 3 mph and can work for 90 minutes per charge. That rechargeable battery is removable as well. 

Boston Dynamics

Spot is IP54-rated, and that means it can handle a variety of workplace conditions and is reasonably resistant to dust and water. 

It gets around via 360-degree cameras and sensors and it can tote up to 31 lbs. But of course, Spot isn’t necessarily there to be a four-legged wheelbarrow. It is also able to perform some pretty sophisticated jobs, including opening doors and performing tests in rooms that might not yet be worker-friendly.  

Boston Dynamics

Spot’s owner will have full programming access via a Boston Dynamics software kit, allowing a user to essentially pilot the robot with an app or to adjust it for even more autonomy. 

So yes, a supervillain could potentially buy a bunch of these and create a robot army. As long as the army could recharge every hour and a half.

Want your own Spot for the warehouse or even as a decidedly non-cuddly pet? Go here and contact Boston Dynamics