These Bottle-Opening Sandals Might Be the Greatest Flip-Flops of All Time

Hell to the yes.

Reef sandal promo

Ingenuity comes in many forms, but these truly groundbreaking flip flops from Reef are a perfect example of how a low-tech product can still be absolutely brilliant. 

Essentially, all they did is stick a bottle opener in the sole of some sporty-looking sandals, but it’s really a stroke of genius nonetheless. 


Imagine that you and your crew are at the beach with an Igloo full of bottled beer only to realize that you’re going to spend the afternoon destroying the edge of your cooler to pop the caps off because no one brought a goddamn bottle opener. Don’t you hate when that happens? OK, maybe it’s never happened to you, but still.


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Even if you’ve never faced this exact dilemma, you’ve definitely been stuck without a way to open a bottle before, right? 

That’s where these silly-ass sandals come in. Not only are they an easy solution to a legit annoying problem, but they look undeniably hilarious when in-use. 

Just check ’em out in action below.

Reef offers multiple styles and color variations of their ingenious bottle-opening sandals starting at $50.

It may seem a bit steep for a pair of humble flip-flops, but that’s just the price you pay for being able to open a beer with it. 


Are you ready to rock these ridiculous bad boys? Pick up a pair from Reef’s website and let the bottle-popping begin.